Check In

The check in time at PK’s Place is 2PM or later.  The majority of the time I am not available to meet my guests at the door and give them a walk through of the suite.  The following is a virtual walk through with the use of some pictures. In the future I plan on adding video walk through as well.

house-front1. Arriving at the house

Please park your car in my driveway.  Please stay on the right hand side so that you are NOT blocking the garage.

2. Getting into the suite

a. Your private entrance is located at the top of the wooden stairs.  There is a virtual lock with a pin code on the door you will be entering.  You should have received a virtual key via email or text when your reservation was accepted.

If you do not have a smartphone capable of using the virtual key sent to you please ask me for a 6 digit pin code instead.  If you are using the virtual key just launch the app and wait for the big grey circle to turn red (your smartphones bluetooth must be turned on before launching the app).  Once it is red just tap the circle to open the door.

If you are using a pin code please enter it via the keypad and then press the red button at the bottom of the keypad to unlock.  It may take a second or two but you will hear the deadbolt moving as it opens.  Please wait until you hear the beeping sound before you try and open the door.  This lock will automatically re-lock itself in 5 minutes so please make sure you close the door after you are in.

3.  Living Room

When the door opens you will be entering the living room area.  There is a closet to hang your jackets on the immediate left side.  The living room is equipped with a sectional couch and coffee table.  The HDTV is connected to Bell Five TV.  You should find the remote on the coffee table.  There is also Netflix available if you press the ‘apps’ button on the remote control.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom is located right off the living room straight across the main entrance.  You will find a queen size bed with 2 end tables and lamps.  The closet is equipped with hangers, iron/ironing board and extra blanket.  There is also drawers under the bed which pull out.

5. Washroom

The washroom is also located right off the living room.  There is a soap, shampoo and conditioner dispenser in the shower.  All of them are high quality products which I use myself.  The medicine cabinet has a blow dryer inside.  You will also have a good supply of toilet paper.

6. Kitchen

The kitchen also is located off the living room. There is a small eating table for 2 people.  You will also have access to a stove, fridge, microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker.  I provide plates, bowls, cutlery and drinking glasses.  I also have pots and pans for your use.  I also have the main utensils you need for cooking.  I will also provide coffee and tea, salt and pepper, and sugar.  Paper towels are also provided.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your check in or the suite in general please contact me directly.  For more details on all of the amenities available to you during your stay at PK’s Place please goto the suite amenities page.