Check In

The check in time at PK’s Place is 3PM or later.  The majority of the time I am available to meet my guests at the door and give them a walk through of the suite. During my walk through I touch on all of the amenities and features to ensure my guests are properly oriented and that they feel comfortable in the suite. On a rare occasion I am unavailable to meet and walk my guests through the suite. The following is a virtual walk through with the use of some pictures. In the future I plan on adding video walk through as well.

house-front1. Arriving at the house

Please park your car in my driveway.  Please stay on the left hand side so that you are NOT blocking the garage.  I park in the garage and need to get in and out.  The door next to the garage is your private entrance.



key-pad-access2. Getting into the suite

a. There is a virtual lock with a pin code on the door you will be entering.  You should have received a virtual key via email or text when your reservation was accepted.  If you do not have a smartphone capable of using the virtual key sent to you please ask me for a 6 digit pin code instead.  If you are using the virtual key just launch the app and wait for the big grey circle to turn red (your smartphones bluetooth must be turned on before launching the app).  Once it is red just tap the circle to open the door.  If you are using a pin code please enter it via the keypad and then press the red button at the bottom of the keypad to unlock.  It may take a second or two but you will hear the deadbolt moving as it opens.  Please wait until you hear the beeping sound before you try and open the door.  This lock will automatically re-lock itself in 2 minutes so please make sure you close the door after you are in.


entrance-hallwayb. You will now enter into the entrance hallway.  There is a huge world map on the right side with pins in it representing the homes of all of my guest so far.  I will have a pin waiting for you in the suite to place on the map as well.  Put your pin in the map to show where you are from even if someone else has already marked that place. Once I get to 5 guest I change the colour of the pin to red.  *Please do not disturb any of the other pins.



side-doorc. When you continue you will see another door with a pin code lock on the left side.  The pin code for this door will be on the door visible for you to see.  Do not be confused by the 2 numbers on each button.  You need to press the button once for either number.  Sometimes this means you will hit the same button several times in a row.  This door will re lock in 30 seconds.



stair-down3. Suite hallway/Stairs Down

There is an area at the top of the stairs to hang your jackets/coats and to take off your wet shoes/boots.  Please do not go down into the suite with wet or dirty shoes/boots.  As you walk down the steps to enter into the main suite area please watch your head on the low ceiling right under the welcome sign.  The light switch for the main lights are the right side at the bottom of the stairs.


hallway to bedroom4. Hallway to Bedroom

On the right side of the suite is the hallway that leads to the master bedroom.  There is a light switch on the right side to turn on the hallway light.  Also there is a hamper at the end of the hallway for all of your used towels.



bedroom5. Master Bedroom

a. The master bedroom is furnished with a queen sized bed, two end tables, lamps, a clock radio, and a electric/oil heater.  Inside the closet you will find an iron/ironing board, extra blanket, extra towels, hangers, and pillows/linens for the pull out bed in the living room.  You also have drawers under the bed to fold and store your clothing.


bedroom-heaterb. **WARNING** Please do not put anything on or around the heater as this may cause a fire.  The heater is set for approximately 22C/72F but you can adjust this yourself by using the knob with the white stripe.  Please do not change the power setting knob which should be set to 1.



washroom6. Washroom

The washroom has a body wash, shampoo, and conditioner dispenser in the shower.  There is also a hand wash dispenser by the sink.  You will also find toilet paper, face cloths, towels, air fresher, and a fully stocked first aid kit readily available.  Inside the medicine cabinet above the toilet you will find a blowdryer, shaving cream, tide clothing detergent, and some specialty soaps/shampoos.


kitchen7. Kitchen

Appliances in the kitchen include a full fridge, coffee maker, microwave over, convection element, toaster, and griddle.  In the upper cabinets you will find plates, bowls, cups, water boiler for tea, tea bags, coffee grinds/filters, granola bars, sugar,  and coffee whitener.  In the drawer you will find cutlery, cooking utensils, and other misc items.  The lower cabinets will have extra paper towels and garbage.  In the space between the lower cabinets you will find a fire extinguisher and the recycling bin.  The kitchen counter top has dish soap/sponge, my guest book, and other misc tourist items.  You will find the wifi information on the white board stuck to the side of the fridge.

living-room-tv8. Living Room

The living room features a 50 inch HDTV, electronic fireplace, and sectional with pull out double bed.  The remote for the HDTV will be sitting next to it on the TV stand.  The electronic fireplace is set to 22C/72F and can not be adjusted.  If you would like this temperature set little higher please let me know before your arrival.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your check in or the suite in general please contact me directly.  For more details on all of the amenities available to you during your stay at PK’s Place please goto the suite amenities page.